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My watercolour paintings feature plant and flower studies, buildings and still life. I paint when I travel but most of my botanical subjects are local, from Whitfield, in the West Allen Valley, Northumberland. From the first spring bulbs and the green leaves on an early perennial to the blue of an early summer on an eryngium, the plants surrounding me offer a huge variety of colours and textures.

On my travels I have painted watercolours of cathedrals in Italy, a Burmese teak monastery in Myanmar, Italian street scenes and Mediterranean plants from Italian gardens.  I have completed a number of commissions of houses in Northumberland, Norfolk and Sussex.

From time to time I paint in oil, pencil, crayon and ink. I enjoy drawing botanical subjects in pencil, particularly the hard lines of spring bulbs and some early summer perrenials. The later the season the more I turn to colour and by the time autumn is here I use watercolour for everything.


I have designed a range of gifts using my botanical watercolour images. These include Greeting cards, wrapping papers, tableware, tea towels and cushions.  These products are available online  under ‘gifts’ at the top of this page and at: Allendale Forge@  www.allendaleforgestudios.co.uk  or the Whitfield Pantry.

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